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This Plant Flips the Script and Waters You

Even one of the best amongst us generally have bother focusing and there are a lot of merchandise available on the market designed to maintain us productive. You possibly can, for instance, set up software program in your pc that may hold you from searching Fb all day. However that may be a passive method and generally you want a extra lively resolution. That is the place {Hardware} Unknown’s Focus Flower shines.

As an alternative of stopping you from accessing distracting web sites or apps, Focus Flower actively punishes you when your consideration lapses. When beginning a activity, you press the large “straightforward” button (not affiliated with any massive workplace provide retail shops). At at second, a consumer adjustable timer begins counting down. When you full your activity earlier than the timer runs out, then push the button once more and you will be rewarded with kudos. However should you fail to push the button earlier than the time runs out, the inconspicuous potted plant in entrance of you’ll punish you with a jet of water to the face.

An Arduino Nano board resides in a small black enclosure, with cables operating to the simple button. The Arduino picks up button presses and likewise controls an LED strip wrapped across the straightforward button. The LEDs present a visible indication of the timer. Contained in the plant’s pot, there’s a solenoid valve. Utilizing pressurized air coming from any handy air compressor, water from a reservoir shoots out at any time when the solenoid valve opens. An arming change ensures that no unintentional motivation happens.



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