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Kubernetes Mastery: Half 4 – Deploying Stateful Functions

Welcome again to the Kubernetes Mastery Collection! On this fourth half, we’ll dive into the world of stateful functions and discover how Kubernetes will help you handle them successfully.

Earlier than we start, guarantee you might have your Kubernetes cluster up and working. In the event you’ve been following together with the collection, your KinD cluster ought to already be arrange.

StatefulSets and Persistent Volumes

1. Create a StatefulSet

# Create a StatefulSet for a stateful software
kubectl apply -f statefulset.yaml

2. Checklist StatefulSets

# Checklist all StatefulSets in a namespace
kubectl get statefulsets -n <namespace>

3. Describe a StatefulSet

# Describe a StatefulSet by title
kubectl describe statefulset <statefulset-name>

4. Scale StatefulSets

# Scale a StatefulSet to a desired variety of replicas
kubectl scale statefulset <statefulset-name> --replicas=<desired-replicas>

5. Create a Persistent Quantity (PV)

# Create a Persistent Quantity for stateful knowledge
kubectl apply -f pv.yaml

6. Create a Persistent Quantity Declare (PVC)

# Create a Persistent Quantity Declare for stateful knowledge
kubectl apply -f pvc.yaml

Stateful Software Deployment

7. Deploy a Stateful Software

# Deploy a stateful software utilizing the StatefulSet
kubectl apply -f stateful-application.yaml

8. Confirm Stateful Software Pods

# Checklist pods for the stateful software
kubectl get pods -n <namespace>

9. Entry Stateful Software

# Entry the stateful software's providers
# Use the service title and port to attach


10. Clear Up Assets

# Clear up the StatefulSet, PVC, and PV
kubectl delete statefulset <statefulset-name>
kubectl delete pvc <pvc-name>
kubectl delete pv <pv-name>

Stateful functions typically require steady community identities and knowledge persistence. Kubernetes StatefulSets and Persistent Volumes present the instruments wanted to handle these functions successfully.

Keep tuned for the following half in our Kubernetes Mastery Collection:
Half 5 – Superior Deployment Methods



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